Travel & Trip Info

Participant Responsibility

Mountain travel and backcountry activities, such as climbing and skiing, contain risks and hazards.  Your decision to participate requires that you accept responsibility for accidents which could result in personal injury or even death.  Peak Expeditions operates on a Challenge by Choice policy.  At all times YOU determine your own level of risk and participation at every step.

Participant Screening

Safety during our programs in part depends upon the integrity of each participant to assess his or her own skill level and physical condition and to accept responsibility for understanding what skills are necessary for safe participation in the chosen program.  If you have any questions, please call to discuss them with us or inquire during the program with your guide.  Depending on the information we receive from your participant profile or registration form, you may receive a follow-up call to discuss your qualifications.


Because of the strenuous nature of our trips and the remoteness of our destinations we strongly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance that will reimburse you for emergency medical evacuation by helicopter.  We also recommend Trip Cancellation and Baggage Loss insurance.  The cost of this insurance is minimal compared to possible loss.  The airline’s Carrier Liability Insurance coverage is limited to the actual value of lost baggage, but not more than $750.  Peak Expeditions can not be held responsible for lost or damaged baggage out of its control.

Baggage Allowance

Air fares include a baggage allowance of up to two checked bags per person with a combined length, width and height of 106 inches, provided no dimension exceeds 62 inches, plus under-the-seat-baggage with total dimensions of 45 inches.  Each bag must be under 50 pounds.  Excess baggage will be charged at established rates.  Peak Expeditions assumes no responsibility for extra charges.


Land fee includes:  all accommodations; meals in the mountains; services of guides, cooks, and porters; all transfers and ground transportation; permits and entrance fees; and communal camping equipment.  The Twin Otter ride from Iceland to Greenland is also included.

Not included:  airfare to location; passports and visas; insurance; excess baggage charges; restaurants and markets; medical expenses (including hospitalization and evacuation); and any additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, illness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Accommodations:  Included accommodations are based on double occupancy for both hotels and tents.  Single rooms can be arranged for an additional cost.  We reserve the right to raise the land fee if there are exceptional cost increases beyond our control.


A 50% deposit reserves your expedition or course space and must be submitted at least four weeks before the departure date.  Our cancellation and refund policy is fair and simple.  If you cancel within four weeks of departure, no refund will be issued.  Your deposit can be credited toward a future expedition or course if you notify us at least two weeks before departure.  If you cancel before the four week period, all but $100 of the deposit will be refunded.

Peak Expeditions, LLC reserves the right to cancel any trip because of insufficient registration, natural disaster, or political unrest.  In this case, we will fully refund all land fees paid.


High altitude sun is extremely intense!  A top quality pair of sun glasses and hat are required.  Make sure the brim of your hat is not white so it will not reflect the sun into your face.  Powerful sun screen and/or sunblock is a must.

Peak Expeditions trips are rigorous mountain climbing expeditions. By their very nature, they are physically and mentally demanding and involve travel to remote areas where medical facilities are virtually nonexistent.  Peak Expeditions will furnish an extensive medical kit, rescue gear, and a satellite phone, as well as trained guides.

While guides have undergone specific courses in wilderness medicine, Peak Expeditions, LLC assumes no liability regarding the provision of medical care.  Trip leaders reserve the right to disqualify any team member at any time, if considered medically necessary or in the event that participation would endanger the team.  Refunds are not given under such circumstances.

Team members should have a supply of any special medication they need. For the climb, Diamox has been shown to reduce the incidence of Acute Mountain Sickness.  If taken prophylactically it may minimize the risk of Cerebral and Pulmonary Edema caused by high altitude.  A course of the antibiotic Bacterium may be desirable for combating an array of gastrointestinal problems, while those prone to motion sickness may find Dramamine useful for long, bumpy truck or train travel.  Pepto Bismal, Immodium AD, plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and a supply of toilet paper (not found in most rest rooms) will make life more comfortable.

Your local pharmacy will be able to provide written information about the medications mentioned.  Your physician will need to write a prescription for some of these and should be consulted for contraindications.

It is each member’s responsibility to determine and secure any medications or inoculations necessary for safe participation in this expedition.  While no immunizations are needed for the areas we will be traveling in, Travel Health Online at can provide useful information.


If you don’t already have a passport, here is some information:  The application form is DSP-11 or form DSP-82 for renewal.  These are available at most post offices and county court houses. Completed forms should be taken to the court house or post office with two passport photos, a birth certificate, and photo identification.  It will cost $60 for first time passports and $40 for a renewal. It can take 4-6 weeks, so plan ahead.  If you’re rushed, the Postal Service can complete the process in 12-15 days for an additional $35.  It is also possible to complete the process in as little as two days with a hand-carry service for between $225-$350 or through Travel Document Systems at

We will register at the American Embassy.  This will minimize troubles
associated with domestic instability and avoid difficulties with lost documents. Replacement documents should be obtainable within two days.

Travel Safety

Theft is always a possibility.  Thieves look for luggage unattended or easily opened.  We recommend a heavy nylon or canvas duffel with a small lock for securing zippers to disuade the casual thief.  Keep what you carry to a minimum and make sure everything is consolidated and secure.  All non-expedition gear should fit into a day pack.  We suggest no more than two bags per client.

Other Hints

  • Leave expensive jewelry at home.
  • Keep day pack either on your lap or with a strap around the leg of the chair you are sitting in.
  • Carry money and identification in a neck pouch or money belt.
  • Before you leave home photocopy your passport, plane ticket, traveler check numbers and any other vital information.  Place copies in a variety of places in your luggage.
  • Take a picture of luggage for identification purposes if lost.